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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunset Supercar Tours?
Sunset Supercar Tours was founded by a group of auto enthusiasts with a passion for exotic cars, driving, luxury travel, entertainment, and unique experiences. Our mission is to help people realize their automotive fantasies by making some of the world’s most incredible cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Maserati, AMG GTS, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, accessible to them.
Where are you located?
We are based in Georgetown, Washington D.C and operate in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area (MD, DC and Northern VA). We also service neighboring states in the mid-atlantic, north east and south east regions.
What is the Co-Pilot Experience?
The Co-Pilot Experience is a unique ride-along opportunity that lets you get in the passenger seat and feel the grand power, utter speed, and graceful beauty of an exotic car. This prestigious, unforgettable experience is a 30-45 minute adventure that lasts a lifetime. Our skilled drivers will take you safely through scenic and fun roads.
What is the Pilot Experience?
The Pilot Experience is an exotic car driving experience that provides you with an opportunity to get behind the wheel of stunning supercars for a test drive.
What is the BYOC Tour Experience?
The BYOC (Bring Your Own Car) Tour Experience is an exotic car driving experience that provides you with an opportunity to reignite your love of driving with an escape to the quaint and charming countryside. This tour gives you access to a luxury, open road drive exploring the best scenery, meandering country backroads, fine dining and accommodation.
What is the Full Tour Experience?
The Full Tour Experience gets you behind the wheel of stunning supercars in our fleet as we traverse a selection of incredible roads. We’ll provide you with amazing cars and take you and/or a small group on a private, guided driving adventure. During this 2+ hours of experience, you will have an opportunity to switch and cycle through multiple cars every stop. Between quaint and charming countryside, and scenic roads, you’re in for a superb lifetime experience.
What is the age requirement?
For Driving Experience, All drivers must be 25 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license and personal full coverage auto insurance.
For Co-Pilot Experience, all passengers must be at least 8 years old and minimum of 100 lbs.
What is the difference between Pilot Experience and Tour experience?
The Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel for a 35-45 mins test drive while the Tour Experience lets you drive for 2+ hours on amazing and countryside backroads.
What days can I schedule my experience?
We have availability on weekdays and weekends. Please contact us via email or phone to schedule your experience and we’ll do our best to accommodate you on a date that works best for you.
Is a Sunset staff member in the car with me while I drive?
Yes, but only for Pilot Experience. For the Tours package, we put you behind the wheel and encourage you to bring a guest to share this unbelievable experience with you.
Can I bring guests (friend/family)?
Of course, this is an experience for two so bring your guest(s). However, do keep in mind that most exotic sports cars are two-seater and only have room for one guest.
How many cars will I get to drive?
The Pilot Experience package allows you to drive one car. For the Full Tour Experience package, there are typically a minimum of two cars but could be as many as five. You will have an opportunity to drive all participating vehicles on the guided tour. The amount of cars you get to drive will depend on the number of participants on that date. Do keep in mind that due to the fickle nature of exotics, we cannot guarantee which cars will be available on any given day.
Can I drive my own route or do I have to follow the group?
The driving experience is a guided open-road adventure tour so you must follow the group. We drive together as one unit and our company support vehicle will be behind us to make sure nobody gets left behind. We typically keep cars in order and do not allow passing. All participants must follow the lead car, obey the rules and remain with the group for the duration of the drive.
How fast do I get to drive?
The Pilot Experience takes place on local roads and public highways so you would drive safely with the traffic flow as you would everyday on the street. The lead car or instructor will dictate a brisk, fun but yet safe pace depending on the type of road (highway or winding roads) we are on. We understand that you are here to get a true “Supercar experience” and feel what it’s like to really drive these cars so we’ll make sure you get exactly that.
How often will I get to switch cars?
For the Driving (Pilot) Tour Experience, We can accommodate up to five vehicles on each run. Depending on the amount of participants, you will be cycling through cars every 30-45 minutes. The switches will happen at our stops and we’ll provide you with a brief orientation on your new vehicle before getting back on the road.
What if I get lost?
Every vehicle on our fleet will be equipped with a 2-way radio, detailed route card with itineraries, and custom-built navigation app that allows you to see and follow other vehicles in the group on the map. You will receive instructions over the radio on upcoming turns, exits, stops and/or hazard so you should have no problems staying with the group. We’ll also have our company support vehicle in the back to make sure nobody gets left behind.
What happens if I get pulled over by police?
Our goal is to give you the “supercar experience” and unfortunately part of that experience is the reality that exotic cars draw a lot of both wanted and unwanted attention. If you follow the lead car and obey our guidelines, you will not have such problem. However, in the rare case that you are pulled over during the drive, you will pay the fine for your ticket.
I only care about a certain car in your fleet; can you guarantee I get to drive it?
Our goal is to give you an adrenaline-filled “tasting menu” of exotic cars – you get to drive a variety of vehicles from the world’s best and most exciting manufacturers. Due to the nature of these high-performance, exotic vehicles and associated maintenance issues that do arise occasionally, we must make plans for vehicle substitutions. As a result, we therefore cannot guarantee any specific car will be a part of the drive on a given day.
What if there’s inclement weather?
We want to make sure you have a complete experience and your safety is our utmost concern so we will reschedule drives that appears to be affected by inclement weather on the forecast. If we are already on the road, we’ll adjust our route and pace accordingly.
What is the cancellation policy?
You have until 7 days before the event to switch your date or cancel your booking. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that goes in preparation of having these vehicles ready for you so there will be no refund for any time less than 7 days from the scheduled drive.
Do I have to know how to drive manual-stick?
No. All of the vehicles on our fleet are either fully automatic or semi-automatic (F1-style ‘paddle shifters’).
In less than 15 minutes, a normal driver can get accustomed to driving a paddle-shift vehicle with minimal guidance. F1-style paddle shift transmissions are the latest innovation in high performance vehicles. Adopted from the transmission of the world’s fastest professional race cars, it blends the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission with the ease and speed of an automatic. Our staff will provide full instruction before we depart, and in no time you’ll be shifting and driving like a pro!
Does my own insurance cover me in the Pilot Experience?
The surprising answer is YES – Just as you would if you are driving down the highway with your Camry and get into accident with a Ferrari, your insurance will cover it. In all 50 states, if you carry full-coverage insurance (that means Liability, Comp, and Collision) your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent a car from Sunset Supercar Tours – regardless of what you drive or what you rent.
Could you please tell me what your prices are again?
The price is $95 per person for the Co-Pilot Experience, $195 for the Pilot Experience, $295 for the BYOC Tour Experience and $795 for the Full Tour Experience. For special occassions, please contact us for hourly rates.
What other services do you provide?
Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, entertain your audience, or increase brand awareness; we are here to assist you. Our package options allows you to customize an experience that fits your needs such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, show premieres, grand openings, charitable fundraising, business launch, celebrity getaway, honeymoon, movie production, video/photo shoots, anniversary, corporate outings, airport pick-up and much more.
Would this make a perfect gift for someone I know?
If you want to thrill a friend or family member with an amazing experience that they will never forget, look no further. They would love this amazing opportunity to get inside of an exotic car. Simply purchase the experience via our website and you will receive a gift receipt with a voucher code. Give them that receipt and they can contact us to schedule their experience. Yes, It’s that easy!
Okay, I'm ready - what's next?
We are happy to hear that! Start by choosing your desired experience and we'll take it from there